Lucy Bartholomew


You’re so incredibly accomplished in the Ultra World, what drew you to Ironman ?

I chased my curiosity with Ironman after the COVID lockdown period. Travel outside of Australia was still not completely open, and I had done so many trail races that I looked outside the box to other sports. I really loved the idea of taking on and trying two new sports. During COVID, I had outrun my love of running a little bit, so it gave me new motivation, and I loved being a student of this sport. 

Favourite part of the cross training between Ultra and Iron?

I love learning the jigsaw of sport. For triathlon, you have the obvious three sports aspects, but there are other aspects like gear, timing, nutrition, joy, and so many other elements that I love trying and learning what works and what doesn’t for me as an individual. 

Least fave part of cross training Ultra and Iron?

I’ve heard many triathletes say, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” You need to be good at all, but it’s hard to be great at one when you spread yourself like you need to. I put emphasis on ultra-mountain running, which is so different from triathlon. I struggle with not giving the respect and energy to each discipline and sport to do it to the best of my ability. 

In a sadistic ultra they only allow you to bring 3 items aside from run shorts and top. What do you bring? 

Food. I wouldn’t be fun to be around nor get very far without snacks

Headphones. Tunes change mood

A camera. Sadistic ultrasounds are something I want to capture. 

Plan your ultimate birthday party, no limits. 

Oft, I’m a lover of simplicity:

  • House in nature (coast or mountains, either has its beauty) with all my best friends and family
  • Cold water dip in the ocean or alpine lake 
  • Breakfast with fresh sourdough, strong coffee and good company 
  • Run- 3-4hours with standing snack breaks, laughs and views
  • Lunch, which would be more like breakfast x2
  • If it is wet: nap, movie, board games
  • If it’s sunny, surf, dog walk, soak up the sun
  • Dinner and cake…or just cake- with sunset.

In the next 3 months you are taking on 2 of the biggest World Champs in the endurance world in UTMB and Ironman World champs. Describe a peak training week in this period. 

I have no idea, haha!! Maybe that’s a good thing. We go week by week, but with the main focus on UTMB, I will be full send on mountain training with around 20 hours of running. Bike and swim will come in as cross-training and additional bonus movement, but I will be the first to go if I feel the balance is not right.

If you could train with any athlete in the world for one week, who would it be? 

Oh this is so hard!! I would LOVE to hang with Lucy Charles Barkley- Lucys are built different. (And our dogs can hang too)

If you had to choose one, would you rather 3 meter arms or 3 meter legs?
3-meter legs, fewer steps up the mountain!