How about a little spice with that event hey? Geelong 70.3 was all that we could have hoped for and if a vibe could be bottled up and sold, we’d be the first to buy it!

ATOHI has officially hit the ground running at its first ever event at the stunning location in Victoria's bay side city of Geelong. Emerald green dome marquee, smoke machine, punk music and fist bumps all round. We couldn’t have done it without everyone who came up and said hi.

But what about the race?

Well, with our 5 male and 3 female Pro’s hitting the red carpet, we were buzzing to see how the ATOHI RESISTANCE would get on. Nick Free, Cable Noble,  Charlie Quinn, Nat Lindsay, and Mitch Kibby all took to the course hoping to be able to kick on their seasons and reach one of those podium spots. 

Jumping off the bike, Nick Caleb, and Mitch knew they had some work to do to catch an impressive 5 minute lead Kiwi Mike Phillips had gained showing to everyone that his win over at IM NZ three weeks prior had kept him race ready for Geelong.

They battled as a pack with the eventual second place finisher Steve McKenna, but it was the Kiwi Mike who put the pack to the sword and took the race in his own hands. Nick Free found himself a podium spot on third whilst rocking the newly launched on that day ‘Laser Light’ D-LITE tri suit

In the female race we had Sophie Perry, Kat Gelespie-Jones, and Cassie Heaslip in the ATOHI colours. Sophie had a fantastic race and found herself taking a well run 5th with Kate in 7th just behind her. Cassie had a great showing, putting a good marker down in only her third professional race finishing 9th. An absolute pleasure seeing this team put some resistance in the name.

Behind the Pro pack you’ll have caught eyes with some over happy athletes rocking the D-LITE range in their custom kit. Team members from RPG (Reed Performance Group), TRI Adelaide, and Iron Ryan to name just a few, but damn it was good to see our new range bring those good vibes to the course.


With our first expo for ATOHI behind us, it feels like the shackles are off and those ready were right behind the latest movement. From those getting their hands on kit and realising the quality, to others just wanting to come and rock out bringing the “Hot Sauce” vibes, we’re stoked to have dished out every high five and meet you all. 

To let you in on a secret we’ve been buzzing that we’re already locking in Ironman Australia in Port Mac! With the phrase “Hot Sauce” still ringing in our ears, the real question is this. Are you going to bring it when we see you in a month's time? 

We look forward to continuing our momentum as the season draws to an end in Australia but is about to kick off in Europe and the UK. 

So let's sign it off with some fiery snaps of ATOHI on the track

March 31, 2023 — Atohi The Art To Explore