At ATOHI, we understand that deep within us all, lies an adventurer, a dreamer, and a thrill seeker. We’re here to awaken that spirit within you and infuse it into the roads, trails, and oceans of the world.

Our brand is for everyone. Whether you’re escaping the daily rat race, exploring the world around you, chasing that elusive goal or embarking on an epic adventure, we’re here to help you push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our logo represents our commitment to delivering high quality products, never compromising on functionality and performance. Our passion lies in the constant pursuit of progress, innovation and positive change.

Welcome to ATOHI, where the extraordinary becomes the norm, and the mundane is left far behind. Together, let's unleash the adventurer within and embark on a journey of a lifetime.



Atohi has been founded by people who have lived and breathed the endurance sports lifestyle for the past 3 decades.

Glen Murray is well known for his creative photography and film making under the banner of Korupt Vision. Glen has been creating industry leading content for the past decade and now turns that passion to telling the stories behind Atohi and of the professional athletes we support. Glen can’t be defined by one discipline with his fervour for all sports, but if the stars align you’ll find Glen somewhere in the Ocean.

Simon Bennett brings a wealth of experience from the production side of performance cycling and triathlon apparel, but with the critical eye of an avid cyclist and triathlete. The Brit turned Aussie now calls Melbourne home where him and his wife, Mary run a bustling gym in Mornington.

Liz Blatchford a lifetime professional athlete, now retired from racing shares her endurance sports knowledge and passion via coaching. Having spent bordering ridiculous amounts of time in cycling, running and triathlon apparel she is passionate about creating products that tick all the boxes of aesthetics, function, performance and comfort.

On the other side of the pond resides Neal Rawlinson who is a published author, E-Commerce strategist, and has always had a passion for exploration. Living in the stunning Yorkshire with his wife who shows equal passion for all things cylcing and triathlon, if they're not crossing finish lines togehter, you'll find them exploring nature, getting lost in the mountains and hunting down new trails to explore.