AGE: 26

HOMETOWN: Gold Coast, Aus 


YEARS AS A PRO: Only this year!


International Maritime Lawyer. I'm fully qualified but didn't keep going on the career path, but my dream was to prosecute the companies responsible for oil spills and other environmental disasters in the ocean and help positively reshape policies that govern international waters.

In the future I'd love to do some work with a non-profit who helps with ocean clean ups or something along the lines of that. 

Favourite thing to do out side of sport:

I love travelling, so anything that involves exploring new places I'm all about. However, some of my most favourite things are enjoying the simple things in life, like the first coffee of the day or a nice red wine with my favourite people (although the red wine doesn't happen much these days).

Athlete you aspire to be like:

Ash Gentle - hoping one day I can get my run weapon to her standard!

Person you’d most like to have dinner with?

Jelena Dokic - I read her autobiography and am literally in awe of how she managed to perform at such a high level under the intense amount of physical and emotional stress from home life. I'd love to hear more about her life and how she was able to dig so deep to get the best version of herself out on court. 

Tell us something not many would know about:

This one time.. pre triathlon Cassie, I went to Austria for a study abroad and arrived a week early to do some exploring. I was staying at a hostel in Innsbruck at the base of the Alps and I wanted to do an overnight hike. I made a friend at breakfast who wanted to do the same, so planned a trip up through what seemed like a pretty popular and easy path to a sleeping hut, stay overnight and come down the same way. It was about a 20km hike and the last 7ish were SO slippy and on the edge of a steep drop to certain death and I was not prepared for that again. So the next day instead of going down the same way, I got a map from the hut and navigated my way 60kms (30 of it running!) through gravel trails, unmarked mountainsides, tiny towns and finally back to the hostel before 10pm that night... should have known I'd be an endurance athlete at that point!

Career highlight:

IM70.3 Tasmania - not that I had any fantastic results but it was my first race as a professional and it was super special. The morning of the race is something I'll never forget, warming up and going through to the start area with all the other female pro's that I'd been fan girling for years over. The first 500m or so of the swim I actually managed to find some feet and I was thinking to myself 'I'm doing it, i'm doing it!' haha 

 Goals for 2023 and beyond:

For me right now it's all about improving my overall performance, getting race experience and being more competitive in the field and closer (and ideally on) those podium spots. I'm still so fresh to the sport and we are finding a million ways to improve after each race so it's very process and progress based goals for me right now. Slightly boring answer from me I know but.. for the future I want to see my world ranking climb and be competitive with the best women in the world. 

Favourite genre of Music and band or singer?

Ohhh that's a hard one. Big fan of the Chainsmokers and any other style of music similar. There's been more than a few sessions with them tuned up on high!